• Red Copper Wire Mesh
  • Red Copper Wire Mesh
  • Red Copper Wire Mesh

Red Copper Wire Mesh

Material: brass wire,copper wire.

Weave: plain dutch,twilled dutch,reverse ,five heddle weave.

Characteristics: acid resisting,alkali resisting,heat resisting and wear resisting.

Application: used for liquid ,industries of mining,oil, chemical, food, phamaceutical, machine making, scientific research,aviation,etc.

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   Features of red copper wire mesh:has excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion-resisting, lower electric conductivity as compared with copper.

   Features of red copper wire mesh: offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, it is non-magnetic, anti-sparking and is resistance to atmospheric corrosion, salt air and brine. Copper applications are limited due to its low tensile strength, poor resistance to abrasion and common acids.

   Plain weave:

Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next adjacent wire.

Plain dutch weave woven wire cloth has two sizes of wire diameter. The weft wires has thinner wire diameter, which is woven tightly together to provide a tight mesh for filtering. The warp wires has coarser wire diameter, which provides strength to the woven wire cloth.

  Twill dutch weave

It is the extension of the twill weave. Each warp wire and each weft wire passes over and under the next two adjacent complementary wires, which is similar as twill weave. The wire diameter of warp wire is larger than weft wire. The mesh count in the weft direction is greater than the warp direction. Dutch twill weave enables the weft wires to be woven more densely and much smaller aperture sizes can be achieved.

Twill dutch weave is capable of supporting greater loads than the dutch weave. It has finer openings than the twilled weave. It is used for filtering heavy materials.

Reverse dutch weave woven wire cloth

Reverse dutch weave woven wire cloth has finer wire diameter in warp wire and coarser wire diameter in weft wire. and the mesh count in the warp wire is larger than the weft wire.

Mesh/inchWire diameter/SWGWire diameter/mm

  • Plain dutch weave
  • Twilled dutch weave
  • Reverse dutch waeve 1
  • Reverse dutch weave 2
  • Five-heddle weave
Material Production
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Material Production

Diameter Inspect
02 /

Diameter Inspect

Tension Test
03 /

Tension Test

Material Check
04 /

Material Check

Wire Warping Beam
05 /

Wire Warping Beam

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07 /

Mesh Inspect

Mesh Inspect
08 /

Hole Size Test-01

Hole Size Test-01
09 /

Hole Size Test-02

Hole Size Test-02
010 /

Length And Width Inspect

Length And Width Inspect
011 /

Trimming Edge

Trimming Edge
  • Intension Test
    Intension Test
  • Diameter Inspect
    Diameter Inspect
  • Thickness Inspect
    Thickness Inspect
  • Role Size Inspect
    Role Size Inspect
  • Mesh Size Test
    Mesh Size Test
  • Length And Width Inspect
    Length And Width Inspect
  • Trimming Edge
    Trimming Edge
  • Mesh Inspect
    Mesh Inspect
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