Properties and Applications of Brass Wire Mesh

Jul. 28, 2022

Wire mesh is formed when many metal wires are tightly woven together in a similar pattern. These meshes have many applications and are mainly used for fencing and decorative purposes. Different wire meshes are made of different materials and therefore they have different applications.

Brass wire mesh is an alloy mesh consisting of 70% copper material and 30% zinc material. Brass wire mesh is known for its high durability and versatility. These meshes are very durable and can also withstand a lot of temperature changes. There are different types of brass wire mesh, classified according to the way they are woven. Brass wire mesh constitutes a very useful material due to its different properties. Micro Wire Mesh suppliers have all the best quality screens for all industrial applications. You can buy high quality brass wire mesh for various applications from this online platform.

Different types of brass wire mesh have different properties. For example, tightly woven wire mesh can be used in filtration processes. Brass wire mesh has many different applications.


Here are some of the properties of brass wire mesh:

Brass wire mesh has a very high tensile strength.

The presence of zinc makes them the best non-abrasive material.

They are very flexible and durable.

Due to the presence of zinc, they also have a non-abrasive quality.

Brass wires are strong and corrosion resistant in nature.

The golden color of brass wire mesh makes it suitable for architectural purposes.

These wires are versatile, but will corrode in the presence of certain metals or salt water.

This type of wire mesh is the best material for industrial use.

Properties and Applications of Brass Wire Mesh

Brass Wire Mesh Applications

Aesthetic Applications

Brass wire mesh is used in modern homes for aesthetic purposes. Different shapes and sizes of brass wire mesh are used for decorative purposes. Brass wire screens are often used in architectural designs because of their yellow and gold appearance. You will often find them used in cabinetry, while constructing facades, etc. They are also used to form decorative lampshades and signage. With these brass screens, you can also use metalworkers and displays with unique designs.

Architectural applications

In addition to aesthetic applications, brass wire meshes also have architectural applications. These meshes can be used to create dividing lines between rooms. They can also be used as ceiling and high-end infill panels. These meshes can easily withstand high temperatures and can also work best as fireplace screens. They can also be used as ventilation holes and metal castings. Brass mesh is very useful.

Industrial Use

Brass wire is made from an alloy. The properties of zinc and copper make them non-reactive, strong, durable and very suitable for industrial use. These wire screens are commonly used in industry for different types of filtration processes. It is also used for separation purposes. In addition to this, you can also find brass wire mesh used in the mining industry. Brass wire mesh also helps in chemical processing and diffusion. They are also used in the marine industry and the aerospace industry.

Other Uses

Brass wire mesh has several other uses. Brass wire mesh is used in the manufacture of drainage ditch guards. These screens are better insulators than copper wire mesh, so they are also used in power generation processes. It is used for air and liquid filtration, and brass wire mesh is also an excellent material for pipe screens. This type of mesh is also used for RF amplification.

Properties and Applications of Brass Wire Mesh

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