Introduction of Stainless Steel Dutch Woven Wire Mesh П56

Oct. 18, 2021

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh П56

П56 is a type of Stainless steel dutch woven wire mesh. The warp direction is 14 meshes, the weft direction is 100 meshes, the warp direction wire diameter is 0.4mm, and the weft direction wire diameter is 0.28mm. 

The width can be produced from 0.5 meters to 3 meters wide. Our usual writing method is P56 14/100 mesh 0.4/0.28mm. 

Stainless steel offers very high corrosion resistance that’s much more resilient to signs of wear, and is an attractive and clean metal.  Stainless steel materials are generally 304, 321, 316L and so on, which indicates the composition of the metal.  

304 stainless steel is suited to most applications except in high corrosive environments. 316 has enhanced corrosion resistance – making it ideal for projects in coastal areas. Stainless steel mat type mesh is generally used in petrochemical, oil filtration and others.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh П56

Main export countries: the United States, Russia, Vietnam and other countries.


Made from 316 grade stainless steel, the stainless steel woven mesh is extremely robust and suitable for projects requiring long life and minimal material maintenance.

It can be used for fall protection in a variety of environments. This includes car parks, playgrounds, bridges, balconies and staircases.

For use on green facades, the steel mesh can be fixed to green façade support structures to provide a lattice or training system for climbing plants.

It is strong enough to withstand heavy loads and is suitable for plants that need fall protection or to cope with the weight of large green walls and façades.

Woven stainless steel mesh can be used to provide a safety barrier for animals while allowing free roaming. It is also available in a variety of aperture sizes to suit the application.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh П56

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