• Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh
  • Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh
  • Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh

Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh

Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh

Material: 304, 304L, 306, 306L,black wire.

Weaving: Pre-crimping before Weaving. In two-way separated wave bending, locked bending, flat-topped curved, two-way bending, one-way separated wave bending.

Features: Structure firm and durable.

Uses: Used for mining, coal plants, construction, petrochemical industry, construction machinery, etc.

Packaging Details:Packed with plastic film then on the pallets.

Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh

Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh is made of high performance stainless steel wire, carbon iron wire,galvanized wire or copper wires. All the wire meshes are pre-crimped prior by mold then woven together. It is even with hard and flat surface. The electrostatic powder coating treatment highlights for anti-aging and anti-corrosion. Featuring strong impact resistance and fire-retardant safety, the product is applied in various industries and environments. Moreover, custom specifications and materials are provided by GOLDFLOWER, welcome to consult for a free quotation!

Features of Woven Galvanized Crimped Wire Mesh:

1. Safety protection: Reject unsafe factors to prevent damage or invasion of animals such as rats, snakes, flies and mosquitoes.


2. Prevention of falling objects: The old people in the living room or the children playing in the house will not be in an unsafe state because of the opening of the doors and windows.


3. Invisible and transparent: no barrier, no occlusion, no feeling of depression, indoors to keep bright and natural at any time.


4. Easy to open for fast escape: instead of the traditional fixed fence, family members can easily escape from the scene in the event of a fire.


5. Energy saving: no air blockage, indoor air breeze at any time, reducing unnecessary air conditioning operation.


6. Easy to care: Dust and oil are easy to clean, and it is as bright as a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush.


7. Resist UV: Resist UV rays up to 30%, so you can avoid the damage of UV rays to the skin while enjoying the sun.


Product Usages:

1. Organs, units with higher safety levels - bulletproof 2. office building, villa, community - anti-theft 3. mountainous areas with more mosquitoes, wilderness, suburbs - anti-mosquito 4. unified management, residents or business districts - -beautification  5. wet or dry city - corrosion and exposure.

Hole size(mm)Wire diameter(mm)Hole size(mm)Wire diameter(mm)

Material Production
01 /

Material Production

Material Test
02 /

Material Test

Wire Warping Beam
03 /

Wire Warping Beam

Wire On Machine
04 /

Wire On Machine

05 /


06 /

Weaving Checking

Weaving Checking
07 /

Checking In Production

Checking In Production
08 /

Hole Size Test

Hole Size Test
09 /

Final Product

Final Product
010 /

Product With Package

Product With Package
  • Material Test
    Material Test
  • Diameter Inspect
    Diameter Inspect
  • Thickness Inspect
    Thickness Inspect
  • Role Size Inspect
    Role Size Inspect
  • Mesh Test
    Mesh Test
  • Length And Width Check
    Length And Width Check
  • Trimming Edge
    Trimming Edge
  • Final Inspect
    Final Inspect
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