Dutch Woven Wire Cloth

Dutch woven wire cloth can be woven into plain Dutch weave, twill Dutch weave and reverse Dutch woven wire cloth. They each have their own characteristics and can be used for different applications. Dutch woven wire fabric is made primarily from stainless steel wire. We manufacture and supply all varieties of custom wire cloth, including welded wire mesh cloth, filter mesh and more. Our products have passed several qualifications and can be trusted. GOLDFLOWER manufacture custom woven wire cloth to meet the filtration needs of our customers. Dutch woven filter fabrics provide superior filtration for a wide range of applications, including pressure, fuel and liquid filters for the aerospace, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, mining and wastewater treatment industries.

Plain Dutch Weave Woven Wire Cloth and Twill Dutch Weave Woven Cloth


1. Plain Dutch weave has a fineness ranging from 40 microns to 300 microns, it has each warp and each weft thread passing above and below the next adjacent thread, providing high filtration levels and high pressure load resistance.

Plain Dutch Weave

2. Twill Dutch weave has each warp and each weft thread passing above and below the next two adjacent complementary threads and it can withstand greater loads than Dutch weave.

Twill Dutch Weave

One more special product is reverse Dutch weave woven wire cloth, which is mainly used for basic filtration in pharmaceutical, food, medical and chemical industries. We offer a wide range of filters, contact us now for more information or a detailed quote.


1. Plain Dutch woven wire cloth is used for solid separation and liquid filtration.

2. Twill Dutch weave woven wire mesh is used for filtering heavier materials.


1. Plain Dutch woven wire cloth has higher mechanical stability. Finer openings improve filtration efficiency and quality. Thicker wire has higher tensile strength.

2. Very low absolute fineness grade of twill Dutch woven fabric (down to 5-6 microns). Heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

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