Wholesale Decorative Wire Mesh

Design always means giving free rein to one's ideas and seeking individual solutions. Solutions that often go beyond the classic standard. In order to give you precisely this freedom, we develop special, often unique wire mesh for special requirements in addition to standard mesh types. 

Are you looking for high-quality architectural mesh that combines sophisticated aesthetics with high functionality and can be optimally integrated into your project idea? Then get GOLDFLOWER WIRE MESH FACTORY, a strong partner with more than 20 years of experience in the production and processing of wire mesh, at your side. Benefit from our know-how in the field of architectural mesh of over 20 years, during which we have been able to realise numerous outstanding architectural projects with international architects and planners.If you want to Wholesale Decorative Wire Mesh&Architectural Mesh ,welcome to Choose Us.We not only Wholesale Decorative Wire Mesh&Architectural Mesh,but also a wide range of products which include stainless steel wire mesh and expanded metal mesh.

Decorative Wire Mesh For Every Application

GOLDFLOWER WIRE MESH FACTORY Architectural Mesh opens up a wide range of creative design possibilities and is the optimal solution in many areas:

Mesh facades

Sun protection facades

Wall coverings

Ceiling systems

Railing infill or acoustic systems

Different types of wire mesh combine sophisticated aesthetics with very different functionalities.

Depending on the application in architecture, metal mesh cladding fulfils various tasks:

They serve to provide safety.

They act as a sunshade.

They contribute to sound insulation.

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