• Iron Chromium Aluminum Wire Mesh Screen
  • Iron Chromium Aluminum Wire Mesh Screen
  • Iron Chromium Aluminum Wire Mesh Screen

Iron Chromium Aluminum Wire Mesh Screen

Materials: 0Cr23Al5,0Cr25Al5,Nickel,Ni80Cr20,Ti.

Weaving: Plain, Twill, Dutch. 

Features: Acid resistant, alkali resistant, heat resistant, corrosion resistant. Uses: Used in mine, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, machine making, etc.Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Specification.

Specification: width from 1m to 6m,or by clients requirements.

Features of nicr alloy wire


   2.low impurity resistivity stability

   3.temperature coefficient small

   4.superficial body Sexual good

   5.and the higher intensity 

   6.high temperature performance 



1. widely used in generally specified for transistor caps, anodes for electronic tubes, 

leads of electronic components / lead-in-wires for lamps and for wire-mesh. Also used in strip form for various 

applications including Ni-Cd batteries 

  2. for cables, Lead-in-Wire for lamps, electronic tube supports, wire cloth electrical connecting leads

 where temperatures are in excess of those for which copper is suitable, wire weaving

 3.Typical applications include: terminations for heating elements as in ovens, plastics extruders, furnaces. 

  • Plain dutch weave
  • Twilled dutch weave
  • Reverse dutch waeve 1
  • Reverse dutch weave 2
  • Five-heddle weave
Material Production
01 /

Material Production

Diameter Inspect
02 /

Diameter Inspect

Tension Test
03 /

Tension Test

Material Check
04 /

Material Check

Material Check
05 /

Material Check

06 /


07 /

Mesh Inspect

Mesh Inspect
08 /

Hole Size Test

Hole Size Test
09 /

Length and Width Inspect

Length and Width Inspect
10 /

Trimming Edge

Trimming Edge
  • Intension test
  • Diameter Inspect
  • Thickness Inspect
  • Role size Inspect
  • Mesh Test
  • Length and Width Check
  • Trimming Edge
  • Mesh Inspect
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  • 005 thick plastic bubble film
  • 006 excellent cover
  • 007 steel strap fix
  • 008 package check
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