Wire Mesh Filter

Wire mesh filters are mainly used to filter out unwanted contaminants from different types of fluids. Our wire mesh filters are used in a wide range of applications and they can be custom sized by stamping, sintering, welding, soldering, etc. Our products have been exported to Russia, America, Spain, Japan and so on.

Features of wire mesh filter

1. Durability, durable and high reusability.

2. Versatility, good flexibility can be processed into customized shapes as required by customers.

3. Easy to clean, stainless steel mesh filters are easier to clean and therefore have high sanitary performance. This ensures that you can use these filters in sensitive applications, such as the food industry.

4. A wide range of mesh holes are available

5. Multiple material types available. For example, brass wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh.

Applications of filter wire mesh

1. Aerospace, etc.

2. Solvents, liquids, etc.

3. Vents

4.Faucet filtration

5.Anti-insect mesh

6.Interior and exterior decoration

7. Grilles, etc.

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