• Iron filter
  • Iron filter
  • Iron filter

Iron filter

1.  Product name:filter piece.

2  Material: stainless steel Aisi316,316L,304L,304,black wire.

3. Form: circle,square and etc.

4. Size: 75mm,133mm,170mm,230mm,255mm,302mm,or with inquiry.

5. Use: for filter and etc.

Materials: stainless steel mesh, mat mesh, black wire cloth, copper mesh, galvanized square mesh, black wire cloth, etc.

Mesh diameter: 5-400mm

Features: 1. Average filtration accuracy: 5-80um; 2. 2. It has the characteristics of large flow and high filtration efficiency;

Product Use:

· food and beverage drinks, fruit juice, liquor, beer, vegetable oil, mineral water, soy sauce, vinegar clarification filter.

· chemical raw materials in the production process in addition to impurities filter, the material decarburization filtration and fine filtration.

· oilfield water filtration and other areas of reverse osmosis security filtering.
· water treatment of ultrafiltration, RO, EDI system, security filtering.
· gas purification of the vapor, compressed air, catalyst filtration.
· Pneumatic components, lubricants, fuel and hydraulic pressure system, media purification and flow restrictions, compressed air degreasing purification, crude oil desanding filtration, nitrogen and hydrogen gas filtration, pure oxygen filtration, bubble generator, floating bed gas distribution.

· the dye industry, high-temperature decarbonization, bleaching disabilities filter.

· chemical industry liquid products, liquid raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates decarbonization filtration and precision filtration, ultra-fine crystals, the catalyst filter recovery, resin adsorption after the precision filter and the system heat conduction oil, material removal filter, catalytic gas Purification and so on.

  • Plain dutch weave
  • Twilled dutch weave
  • Reverse dutch waeve 1
  • Reverse dutch weave 2
  • Five-heddle weave
Material Production
01 /

Material Production

Diameter Inspect
02 /

Diameter Inspect

Tension Test
03 /

Tension Test

Material Check
04 /

Material Check

05 /


06 /


07 /

Mesh Inspect

Mesh Inspect
08 /

Hole Size Test

Hole Size Test
09 /

Length And Width Inspect

Length And Width Inspect
010 /

Steel Pieces

Steel Pieces
011 /

Black Pieces

Black Pieces
  • Intension test
  • Diameter Inspect
  • Thickness Inspect
  • Role size Inspect
  • Mesh Test
  • Length and Width Check
  • Trimming Edge
  • Mesh Inspect
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