Dutch Weave Wire Mesh from GOLDFLOWER

Sep. 07, 2021

The Dutch Weave Wire Mesh is the earliest product produced by our factory, and it has more than 20 years of experience by 2021. 

Dutch Weave Wire Mesh from GOLDFLOWER

The production specifications have reached 119 kinds, and the inventory is about 180,000 square meters. The filter performance of the mat-type mesh is quite stable, and the precision is beyond the reach of the ordinary filter mesh. 

The materials generally include stainless steel wire, nickel wire, black iron wire, iron-chromium-aluminum wire and aluminum-magnesium alloy wire. Mainly used for precision pressure filter, fuel filter, vacuum filter. It is widely used in aerospace, petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, rubber, metallurgy, medicine and food industries. In addition, we are also the pioneer of special specifications. 

For example, the weft is made of 7 wires. We are the first company to successfully produce and the first company to woven aluminum-magnesium alloy wires into finished products. There are a wide range of customers using seat-type nets. 

We mainly export to the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries.

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