Features of Black Wire Cloth and Its Usage

Feb. 11, 2022

Black wire cloth, also known as iron cloth, iron wire cloth, and wire mesh; is woven from low-carbon steel burning wire.

Black wire cloth is also called "plain steel wire cloth". Plain wire cloth is widely used as filters in the rubber industry, plastic industry and grain industry.

Features of Black Wire Cloth and Its Usage

Material: high quality low carbon steel wire.

Black Wire Cloth Weaving TRQLes: Plain or twill woven wire cloth. Can be processed into various sizes of filter discs.

Black Wire Cloth TRQLes: Cut into panels of various shapes, including square, rectangular and round in all materials and grid sizes.

Features of Black Wire Cloth and Its Usage

Black wire cloth applications: Black wire cloth is mainly used for filtration in the rubber, plastics, petroleum and grain industries.

The hardware cloth is a superior product compared to traditional wire mesh. The difference is in the protective hardware cloth provided. Barbed wire confines chickens and other farm animals to their specific area, but the large openings and flexible nature of barbed wire allows predators to eventually enter. On the other hand, wire cloth keeps natural predators out. The small openings and sturdy design of hardware cloth can deter outside animals.

Features of Black Wire Cloth and Its Usage

Hardware wire cloth is used for a variety of filters. The automotive, construction, chemical, rubber, plastic, food and beverage industries all use multi-purpose hardware cloth.

There are other things to consider: If you are not familiar with five gold wire cloth, you should be familiar with wire cloth and its terminology. This page and our wire mesh catalog are great resources. Buy a full roll of Cinnamon Wire Cloth material instead of a small amount and you can get the best price.

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