Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge Manufacturer Goldflower

Dec. 16, 2021

Stainless steel filter tube is also called metal filter tube, mesh tube, mesh barrel, filter tube, which is welded by stainless steel mesh, iron mesh, stainless steel plate, and iron plate. Professional production of Xiangri Wire Mesh. Single-layer welding, multi-layer welding, or single-layer welding can be used, and then the metal filter mesh tube, mesh tube, mesh bucket, filter element, and filter tube are overlapped and interspersed to form a multi-layer filter.

Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge Manufacturer Goldflower

Stainless steel cartridge is a filter with stainless steel material as the main filter material. You can also use stainless steel cartridges to remove impurities such as physical impurities and chemical impurities. There are various materials of cartridges, but the main materials are polypropylene and stainless steel.

The working principle of stainless steel cartridge is similar to other types of cartridges. Usually, the cartridge blocks or traps impurities in the fluid as it flows through. Filter manufacturers produce different filters with different micron ratings for different applications.

Stainless steel cartridges filter industrial fluids such as oil, syrups, wine, sugary fluids, fruit juices and alcoholic products. Stainless steel cartridges with very small micron ratings filter sediments, such as yeast sediment and bacterial sediment. Our products are available in different designs and are capable of filtering high temperature fluids at very high efficiency.

Depending on the application, stainless steel cartridges are available in different features and sizes. The different characteristics and designs of stainless steel cartridges allow them to perform different functions.

The features of stainless steel cartridges help to improve the quality of the equipment.

They are components that make the equipment resistant to corrosion and require very little maintenance to extend the service life.

This therefore means that the characteristics of stainless steel improve the durability of the equipment.

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