Tips for Choosing and Installing Welded Wire Mesh

May. 31, 2022

Choosing the right welded wire mesh fence is easy for experienced consumers, but for first-time buyers, it can be quite a challenge. For those who want to choose a high quality welded wire mesh fence, here are some tips.

The quality of the wire mesh chosen for the fence will depend greatly on the type of material used in its production. The longevity of the fence will also depend on the materials used. To ensure that you choose the right wire fence that will last longer, the quality of the material must be carefully checked to ensure that it meets the requirements.

Tips for Choosing and Installing Welded Wire Mesh


In order to understand the process of welded wire fencing, you must see what it looks like. Welding is usually done between different types and sizes of wire. The quality of welded wire mesh depends greatly on the strength of the wire and the diameter chosen for production. Manufacturers tend to choose good quality wire before the welding process is completed. After selecting the correct type of wire, it is welded and thoroughly checked that it can be operated manually and mechanically and works well. Manufacturers vary in the production of welded wire fences. Larger companies use automatic welding machines, while smaller companies manufacture wire mesh by hand welding.

The second thing to consider when choosing a wire mesh is the frame of the product. Some manufacturers use round steel or angles depending on the application.

The third and final thing is the process of painting the screen fence. Look for signs of uniformity in the product's paint and ask about the quality of the paint used.

Tips for Choosing and Installing Welded Wire Mesh

Tips to install

Now that you have some idea of how to choose the right wire mesh for your fence, here are some tips for installing it and other fences in general.

Plan ahead

Choose the right fence based on the application and the purpose it will serve. There are various types of fences on the market. You can choose a specific height, the size of the fence, the spacing of the grid openings, the finishes used and the gauges used. Plan where to place the corners and the ends of the fence. By planning ahead, you will be able to calculate the required length of fence and you can purchase the right amount. You can also calculate the number of posts needed to complete the job. Almost every fencing project also requires a gate. For the posts, you can choose either wood or inlaid T-posts. There should be 8 to 10 feet of space between these posts.


For fence posts, make sure they are all placed in holes deep enough to withstand tension and that they are all at the same level before proceeding. The next step is to attach the fence to the posts. For wooden posts, you can use galvanized staples to secure the fence. Staples are available in a variety of sizes. For T-posts with staples, it usually comes with metal clips in which you can attach the fence.

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