What is Oil-water Separation Mesh?

Sep. 08, 2022

Oil-water separation mesh is a kind of mesh made of stainless steel material, this kind of mesh can separate oil and water, so how is oil-water separation achieved specifically? What are the conditions needed for oil-water separation mesh? Which is the best oil-water separation net? The following is introduced by GOLDFLOWER WIRE MESH FACTORY.


Principle of oil-water separation network


The basic concept of the filter cloth of oil-water separation cloth is to use porous media to separate the suspension. When the filter cloth works, under the action of external force, the liquid in the suspension flows out through the channels of the medium, and the solid particles are retained to achieve separation. In general, the suspension to be filtered is called the filtrate; the porous media used is called the filter media; the liquid passing through the media channels is called the filtrate; and the retained solids are called the filter cake or filter residue. The driving force of the filtration operation is the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream of the filter media.


The driving force of oil-water separation


① Using the pressure head of the filter slurry itself.


② Pressurization of the surface of the filter slurry.


③ Vacuuming downstream of the filter medium.


④Use of inertia centrifugal force.


What material is the oil-water separation screen made of?


The oil-water separation screen is basically made of stainless steel and other materials. Since oil is very corrosive, the oil-water separation screen must be made of materials that do not corrode. At the same time, the purpose of the oil-water separation screen is to separate oil and water, and it is designed to have a structure with different resistance to oil and water. The resistance to oil is very small, so that oil can easily pass through; the resistance to water is very large, so it is easy to block and achieve the purpose of oil-water separation.


GOLDFLOWER Oil water separation net


GOLDFLOWER Oil water separation net has three types of weaving.


Oil water separation net

Plain weave

Plain Dutch woven wire cloth is available in two wire sizes. The weft threads have a finer gauge and are tightly woven together to provide a tight screen for filtration. The warp threads have a thicker gauge, which provides strength to the woven wire fabric.


Twill Dutch Weave

Twill weave is capable of supporting larger loads than Dutch weave. It has finer openings than twill weave. Used for filtering heavy loads.


Reverse Dutch Weave Woven Wire Cloth

Reverse Dutch weave woven wire cloth has a finer warp thread diameter and a thicker weft thread diameter. The mesh count of warp wire is larger than that of weft wire.


The oil and water separating mesh is one of our best products, which is exported to Russia, Ukraine, Italy, France and other countries in the world. Please send GOLDFLOWER a message to get the latest quotation!

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