​Plastic Coated Stone Cage Net

Jan. 24, 2022

Gabion is a kind of woven through mechanical hexagonal mesh; it is widely used in water conservancy projects such as bank slope control and channelization of rivers.

The strength and service life of gabion box are influenced by the woven raw material - low carbon steel wire and weaving method. The wire diameter of low carbon steel wire directly affects its strength, the thicker the mesh, the greater the strength of the gabion net, and vice versa. We all know that low carbon steel wire is easy to rust in the natural environment, the surface corrosion treatment is particularly important, which is a factor affecting the price of gabion mesh.

(1) Cold galvanized gabion: low zinc content, easy to rust, but the price is cheap, the service life is generally about three and a half years.

(2) Hot-dip galvanized gabion: high zinc content, thick zinc layer, good corrosion resistance, service life of 20 years or more.

(3) Plastic-coated gabion: On the basis of hot-dip galvanizing, a layer of PE/PVC is added on the surface, which reduces the direct contact with the environment and greatly improves the service life.

The plastic-coated gabion net is a hexagonal net woven with plastic-coated wire, and it is also fixed on the hillside and side ditch to prevent soil erosion The raw iron wire of the plastic-coated heavy hexagonal mesh is an iron wire coated with PVC plastic coating, and the thickness of the plastic coating is about 1mm.

Plastic Coated Stone Cage Net

4)Silica gel gabion: after galvanization, the surface is coated with silicone rubber, the material can be combined with low carbon steel wire more closely, better than PE/PVC, than PE/PVC gabion package years of use

5)Zinc+10% aluminum gabion: this gabion has better adhesion, wear resistance and corrosion resistance than high zinc gabion and superior construction performance characteristics. Its service life is the longest, up to 80 years or more.

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Plastic Coated Stone Cage Net

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