Detailed Introduction of Goldflower Brass Wire Mesh

Oct. 14, 2021

Industrial-grade brass is commonly used for woven wire mesh. Comprised of copper and zinc, it has good tensile strength and corrosion resistance dependent on its composition, making it perfect for industrial and outdoor use. Its stunning aesthetic appeal means it’s also a popular material for decorative and architectural projects for interior and exterior uses.

Brass Wire Mesh

Here are the specifications of our Brass Wire Mesh:

Product name: Brass wire mesh (alias: shielding mesh).

Material. Brass, available in 65 brass (approx. 65% copper, 35% zinc); 80 brass (approx. 80% copper, 20% zinc), etc.

Features: non-magnetic, abrasion resistant, good ductility.

Specification. 3 mesh/inch - 200 mesh/inch.

Weaving method: plain weave, twill weave, "human" weave and bamboo weave.

Uses: Screening of various granules, powders, china clay, glass, porcelain printing, and filtering of liquids and gases.

Main export countries: USA, Russia. Canada, Italy, etc.

Brass Wire Mesh

Our brass meshes are corrosion resistant and offer a spark-proof function. You can also finish the mesh with a protective coating to keep its colour intact for a longer period of time. Due to the durability, economy and aesthetics offered by brass mesh, it is often a favourable choice for many architectural and industrial needs.

All of our products are rigorously tested to ensure they meet our industry's strict quality standards. When you choose GOLDFLOWER, you can be sure of top quality, superior functionality and a very cost-effective price. We also pack our goods in the perfect way to ensure they are safe during transit and you don't have to worry about damage. Whether you want standard sheets or cut pieces or custom manufactured mesh, we will be happy to provide you with the brass mesh that best suits your needs.

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