Finally delivered! Our orders

Aug. 08, 2021

A few days ago, July 26, my wife's birthday, my family happily had a birthday party. She said that her birthday was very lucky and could bring us good luck every time. Sure enough, there was a very happy thing yesterday that the customer was finally going to deliver the goods. People say they are happy to have new orders. 

Why are you happy to send a container? Let me tell you why I am sometimes the happiest when I deliver goods as a manufacturer. On April 23, our old customer l sent a new quotation. The letter was very anxious. It roughly means: we urgently need these metal nets. Please quote as soon as possible, sign the contract as soon as possible and deliver the goods as soon as possible. Of course we are happy. There are many kinds of new quotations, including stainless steel mesh, decorative mesh, mat mesh, copper mesh, cold galvanized welded mesh, hot galvanized welded mesh, black mesh and black wire filter mesh. Because they are often made products, the quotation was completed soon, and the weight was calculated, a total of more than 25 tons. Send it to L. because the raw materials have been rising, he is a little dissatisfied with the prices of some specifications and puts forward his opinions. I explained to him that according to the current raw material prices, all prices would have to rise by 6% - 13% as a whole, but most of us had stocks, so most of them did not rise. Few of the increases are because there is no inventory and need to be produced now, so the price is high. After explaining, he expressed his understanding. In this way, there was not much debate. 

On the 26th, we signed a new order contract, and the delivery date was June 10. Finally, he again told us to deliver the goods on time. They urgently needed it. I answered them one by one.   If everything goes so well, no story will happen. On June 3, l asked how the production was going. I replied that there was no problem. Most of the production had been completed, packed and packed in wooden cases, and a little could be completed on June 8. He said it was good, but we need to remove some copper mesh and add some decorative mesh and stainless steel mesh. Ask how long it will take to make it. I think since the customer has a request, it must be urgent, so I replied that it can be done in 15 days. L politely said thank you. I revised the order again and sent it to the production department again. We have an extra copper mesh inventory of tens of thousands of yuan. But seven days later, he sent an e-mail saying that we urgently need stainless steel mat screen and need to remove some black wire filter screens. I calculated the weight and removed 2.5 tons. In this way, we have increased our inventory by 2.5 tons, which has put pressure on our capital. The orders have to be revised and reissued to the production department. But maybe he really needs it? Customers are God. Our factory agreed again. 

On June 10, I told l to contact the shipping company to fix the position and deliver the goods on time on June 18. He replied that because the freight has increased a lot, we need to reduce the cost and replace the black silk cloth and black silk filter screen with copper screen and stainless steel screen. Mom, it's all replaced, and the newly added copper mesh has not been removed before, so it needs to be produced again. This time it's our factory's turn to be dissatisfied. I put forward my opinions to L and hope to respect our factory. L also sincerely apologized for the unnecessary trouble caused to your factory. They were also helpless, and said that they would ship all the removed products next time. Why is he a customer and why are we a manufacturer? Customers are God and meet all customer requirements to the greatest extent. We agreed to L's request. Just because there are many orders recently, all goods can't be delivered until July. L agreed. 

Just a few days ago, l's boss sent an e-mail, which probably meant to thank us for our understanding and help them through many difficulties. Because of our generosity and tolerance, they will always cooperate with us. After seeing it, I was also inspired that as a factory, we should not only do a good job in products and control costs. More often, we should be anxious about the customer's urgent needs and consider more problems from the customer's standpoint. Effectively help customers, form a community with customers and make common progress in order to achieve better development.

Finally delivered! Our orders

Finally delivered! Our orders

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