Mesh Sizes and Weave methods

Jul. 27, 2021

Since there are technical standards for screen production, different sizes of wire mesh have a specified diameter of wire.

The current international common is Taylor standard sieve, the so-called how many mesh refers to how many sieve holes in the length of each inch (a specified unit length of 2.54 cm), if there are 100 holes, is 100 mesh sieve, the more holes, the smaller the eye. But because of the different materials, such as stainless steel sieve, nylon sieve, copper sieve, etc., their thickness is different, so the same 100 mesh sieve, the size is actually different.

Mesh Sizes and Weave methods

  There are some kinds of woven methods of the mesh:

Mesh Sizes and Weave methods

Twill weave mesh: this weave is the compound weave of twill weave and Dutch weave, the weft is squeezed into almost two layers, so the thickness of twill weave dense weave mesh is twice as thick as Dutch cloth, this mesh is used for separation sieve of tiny particles, its mesh refers to the number of warp threads in 25.4mm.

Flat weave: warp and weft, cross, cross at exactly the right angle. When the warp and warp wires, weft and weft wires are parallel and at equal intervals, the mesh is square, otherwise it is rectangular. At the same time, when producing plain weave mesh, the theoretical value can be established when the wire diameter and the aperture are the same, but when the wire diameter is 80% of the aperture diameter, the structure of the mesh will also change during the preparation process.

Oblique weave: In contrast to plain weave, oblique weave wire mesh, the two adjacent warp threads and the two adjacent weft threads are interwoven with each other, the wire diameter can be equal to the aperture diameter, and the angle of the warp and weft threads becomes larger when interwoven, and the hardness of the mesh is reduced accordingly.

Mesh Sizes and Weave methods

Plain woven wire mesh: The warp threads of plain woven wire mesh are sparse and the weft threads are tightly packed together, which is good for gas or liquid filtration, and it is used for enterprise separation and centrifugal separation sieve.

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