What to Consider When Buying Wire Mesh

Aug. 03, 2021

Wire mesh is widely used in industrial, construction, and commercial applications. We offer a wide range of high quality custom wire mesh to meet your needs. We provides good service to distributors, construction companies and material suppliers for use as fences, filters, outdoor furniture, machine and window guards, etc. Steel mesh containers, perforated metal sheets, stainless steel wire mesh, and rolled wire mesh in a full range of sizes and in stock.

Quality Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

We are pleased to share some options on how to choose wire mesh. The following options are important considerations to help you choose the right wire mesh product for your project or application. Please specify.

Mesh Types

Choose from a variety of square, rectangular, and round mesh and woven, welded, and perforated types.

Opening Sizes

Select the opening size for Wire Mesh. The opening size is the clear space between wires, measured from the inside of one wire to the inside of an adjacent wire. For items with rectangular openings, opening measurements are required for width and length.

Mesh Sizes

In addition to selecting an opening size, many wire mesh projects have a mesh size that is determined by measuring the number of openings per linear inch from the center of one wire to the center of the adjacent wire. If perforated or expanded metal, please advise the size and shape of the holes.

Wire Diameter

Select the wire mesh diameter thickness (in inches) or wire gauge. More information on wire diameter and gauge equivalents is provided in the links provided in the "Charts" section on the Wire Mesh resource login page.

Open Area Percentage

Determine the percentage of open area required in wire mesh or perforated metal.

Surface Treatment

Select the primary material type, including aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, copper, galvanized steel, or stainless steel, taking into account climatic or environmental realities. Unless otherwise noted, stock is typically "finished". Some items in stock have a vinyl coating or can be powder coated. The links provided in the "Overview" section of the Screen Resources landing page provide more information on the major material types and product finishes.

Product Size

Determine the number of sheets and/or rolls, including cut-to-size pieces and stub preferences (if applicable).


Determine if your application requires wire mesh accessories, such as angles, flat bars or U-section framing solutions.  

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