What Benefits Can Perforated Metal Fence Bring

Jun. 30, 2022

From the structural point of view, the perforated metal panel is not very complicated. But it adds charm to construction projects that other traditional fences do not have! Privacy, security, beauty and environmental adaptability are all advantages of punched metal fences. It can play to many of its advantages.

What Benefits Can Perforated Metal Fence Bring


No matter which fence solution, security is the primary consideration. Perforated metal fences are no exception, and carbon steel or stainless steel materials provide excellent strength and weight for property protection.
Aluminum is an ideal material for decorative metal fences, while the excellent strength and weight of steel make it suitable for safety fences.

What Benefits Can Perforated Metal Fence Bring


For any construction project, people want it to last as long as possible. Metal materials have good durability, and aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel are all popular choices for punching metal fences.
Our team will provide the best steel or aluminum advice for your project according to environmental exposure, coastal conditions, safety and strength requirements, etc.

Color selection

When it comes to design, colors never lag behind. Punching metal guardrail plates can be made into a variety of colors to match the surrounding building environment, increase prominent tones or integrate into the overall environment.
Create a modern-style statement with a soft tone, or highlight it with a bright and bright tone.

What Benefits Can Perforated Metal Fence Bring

Light transmittance

Although most fences have these two characteristics, punching metal fences allow you to adjust the amount of air diffusion and light passing by choosing the punching mode that suits your application.
The use of punched metal fences can add a touch of taste while protecting privacy. It adds a certain degree of aesthetic appeal to almost any project.

What can we offer?

GOLDFLOWER can make punched metal plates of any size for fencing applications of any size you need.
There are a variety of metal materials to choose from. (stainless steel, aluminum).
Different colors and surface treatments to achieve different appearance and effects.
Optimized opening area. (changes in ventilation and light transmission).
Unlimited pass, size, sheet shape and size.
Customizable punch plate size and shape.
Custom punching plate with text (brand / logo).

For more special features and design requirements, please contact us.

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