What is Manganese Steel: FAQs about Manganese Steel Mesh

Apr. 14, 2022

Manganese steel, also known as Mangalloy or Hadfield steel, is a steel that contains 11 - 15% manganese. Manganese is a very hard and brittle natural element. Once combined with steel, the material becomes so hard and durable that it loses its brittleness. Manganese steel is a non-magnetic steel with excellent anti-wear properties. The material is very wear resistant and will actually gain strength upon impact. These conditions make it an ideal material for preventing wear in blast chambers and for our blast machine blades.

1. Manganese steel is a combination of alloyed manganese and steel, with a manganese content of approximately 11-15%.

2. Manganese steel has extremely durable properties and actually hardens when subjected to impact. (e.g. steel shot blasting)

3. Manganese steel can be cut by plasma laser.

4. Manganese steel sheets are welded together using low temperature.

What is Manganese Steel: FAQs about Manganese Steel Mesh

Uses of Manganese Steel

Manganese steel is used for very durable service; it contains 11-14% manganese and provides a smooth, wear-resistant and self-renewing surface over a strong, unbreakable heart. Manganese steel has self-hardening properties, so tractors, cement mixers, rock crushers, lifts and bucket containers as well as the railroad industry and other high-impact conditions have been used for a long time in the mining industry.

Manganese steel mesh

Manganese steel mesh has high strength, rigidity and bearing capacity. Mainly used for slit screen in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, grain, Environmental protection and other industries

Can manganese steel rust?

While both steel and low alloy steel rust in wet conditions, improvements in manganese steel have a beneficial effect on corrosion resistance, partly due to the adsorption of manganese ions.

What is Manganese Steel: FAQs about Manganese Steel Mesh

Magnetic properties

Mangalloy is a special non-magnetic steel with extremely high resistance to wear. Although manganese steel ensures hardening properties for wear and tear, it is non-magnetic and ideal for use in industrial lifting magnets and power transformer modules.

How to cut manganese steel

Most uses of manganese alloys are sometimes limited due to the difficulty of machining; they are sometimes considered to have "zero machinability". Manganese steel cannot be softened by annealing and is easily hardened by undercutting and grinding, which usually requires special machine tools.

Manganese steel can be drilled with extreme difficulty using diamond or carbide. The preferred method is plasma or laser cutting.

Welding manganese steel

Manganese steel can be welded, but it is important to keep the heat low and cool the weld to prevent cracking as soon as possible. It is recommended that the interlayer temperature be below 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is critical to protect yourself due to the toxicity of welding fumes.

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