What to Consider When Choosing A Mesh Screen

Mar. 30, 2022

Opening doors and windows is a freedom that no one should have to worry about. Let the fresh air in, feel the cool breeze, and let the natural light filter through your home. The only problem is the aforementioned entering your property with some unwanted guests! Open doors and windows attract insects, pollen and all kinds of harmful substances carried by the wind. Suddenly, the cool breeze and beautiful sunshine don't seem worth the cost of mosquito bites and pollen fever. A simple but common solution is a fly mesh screen. Installing the right mesh screen for your home will stop the bad and let the good in. Read on to learn what to consider when choosing the right mesh screen for you!

What to Consider When Choosing A Mesh Screen

Fixed and Retractable Mesh Screens

Retractable mesh screens are designed and installed in a way that allows them to be unfolded or folded up when not in use. With retractable mesh screens installed, you have the option of opening your windows. You may want to consider these more for use as entry/exit doorways, or for larger windows that you wish to open fully. Fixed mesh screens, on the other hand, do not retract; they are permanent fixtures. Consider these for window areas that do not need to be fully open.

What to Consider When Choosing A Mesh Screen

Which works best

Once in place, both fly screens are proficient in their function. No insects can penetrate the mesh, and a cool breeze can. Your view stays the same and pollen doesn't appear. Both retractable and fixed mesh screens can be easily cleaned and maintained with a simple wipe of a damp cloth. Both screens are inherently durable. Of course, certain brands will be of higher quality than others, depending on the intensity of your intended use.

What to Consider When Choosing A Mesh Screen

Copper Mesh Screen

Bushfire Attack Rating

Be sure to consider the BAL regulations for your area before installing a fly mesh screen. If you live in an area prone to bushfires, it is important to communicate this to the person supplying you with the mesh screen. If you do not know the level of bushfire attack on your property, then it is best to contact your local council.

Each category has its own rules and regulations for the type of mesh screen you are allowed to install on your property. Please consider your BAL carefully before staging. in the best case scenario, you will have to replace your fly mesh screen from your own pocket. These regulations are for your own safety.

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