Black Wire Filter Mesh Goldflower

Aug. 04, 2021

Today Grazia has placed an order again. There are 200,000 pieces in two specifications, including 150,000 heavy-duty 14/88 meshes and 50,000 24/110 meshes, each with a diameter of 200 mm. Grazia is our old friend. She is an Italian and works in Germany. She is very beautiful. She speaks four languages. She doesn't speak Chinese very well. When communicating with us, she didn't know how to use Chinese. She would use English instead.

We have been working together since 2009. Before the new type of pneumonia, our families would get together almost every year, sometimes in China, sometimes in Germany, and sometimes to her home in Italy. We started to cooperate very suddenly, she only wrote an email, I gave him a quote, and then signed the contract, she paid a 30% advance payment. We worked together like this.

I remember very clearly that she only needed three kinds of metal mesh stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mat-type mesh, and crimped mesh for the first time, and packed a full 20-foot container. Then we have been working together. In the winter of 2014, she said that her boss would come to visit our factory. I felt very suddenly, worried about whether there was a problem with our product, and whether they came to Xingshi to inquire about it. But I think it shouldn't. The quality of our products is quite good, and the quality inspection is very strict. In short, I was very nervous, I always felt that something was going to happen, but I just didn't know what was going on. But people say they are coming, so they can't help but ask them about the time of the plane landing, the number of people, and book a hotel for them. 

They arrived at the Beijing Airport at 3 o'clock in the morning. We are more than 300 kilometers away from Beijing Airport and 700 kilometers back and forth. For the sake of safety, we plan to set off in the afternoon of the previous day to take a rest in Beijing and receive them with great energy. But at this time, the people in our entire factory were worried, wondering what the other party's boss was doing. The next day I picked up Grazia and her boss (hereafter referred to as a gentleman). The gentleman looks serious, and he visits the factory without breakfast. I took them to visit the workshop first, then the quality inspection workshop, and finally to the warehouse. We watched and talked. He asked a lot of professional things, and I answered them one by one. They listened carefully and looked satisfied. After reading the warehouse, the gentleman said that there is still very important thing to say. At this time I was very nervous, and the big event was finally coming, but I couldn't take care of the good and the bad, so I asked them to sit in the reception room. The gentleman man spoke first. He said he was satisfied with our quality and price, so he wanted to increase the order. Hearing this, we all smiled in our hearts and no longer felt anxious. He said that they have three suppliers and we are only one of them. Now I want to give us all the orders. Haha, of course we are happy, thank him for his trust in us, and let him rest assured that we will definitely work hard to monitor the quality. 

Of course, the things behind are all good things. I talked a lot about work and it was very fast. The communication was so smooth, we had a good time in the hotel. Our worries are completely gone. They are going back to Germany in a few days. I drove them to the airport. The gentleman held my hand the moment he got on the plane, hoping that our son would continue to cooperate in the future. This is Grazia and their boss, we have been working together until today. They sell more and more types and more and more quantity. Now it is basically 30 days to send a 40-foot container to Germany. There are black wire filter mesh, decorative mesh, copper mesh, welded mesh, fence mesh, and various deep-processed filter elements.

Black Wire Filter Mesh Goldflower

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